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I have a Tumblr! Go check it out~>

I'll post works in progress there and other random stuff~


Hiya! I'm Cheshire-Dragon~

I like all sorts of things, including Pokemon, Dragonball, animals... |D;

I hope to become a comic book artist in the future and am looking forward to taking classes at SCAD to get there.

I play all sorts of video games and own a Wii, 3DS, 360, and plenty of older Nintendo systems. I'd love to have you as a friend on any of those, just make sure you tell me who you are, first!

Note me if you want my 360 gamertag, but I'll post my Nintendo FCs here~ It might be a good idea to note me if you added me, so I can add you too! ^^

:bulletpink:3DS Friend Code: 1719-3205-9251
:bulletpurple:Wii Number: 1390-7239-7998-0791
:bulletpink:Pokemon White: 2880-9672-9803
:bulletpurple:Pokemon White 2: 4127-4444-0154
I'm always willing to battle~ Just send me a note! ^^ **I have no competitive teams on Wht 2, and have half trained in Wht.**
:bulletpink:Animal Crossing City Folk: 5372-3949-1234





The Wylde Fire Pokemon Preserve welcomes you!

As you enter the preserve, a young woman with light brown hair and red, rectangular spectacles greets you. "Hello, welcome to the Preserve." She seemed a little awkward and maybe a little shy, though her voice was soft and cordial. Approaching you, she smiles and leads you on a tour of the preserve, taking you to the Everblaze Badlands last so more time could be spent there. It was obvious that she oversaw this portion of the preserve as she seemed much more excited and knowledgeable of the pokemon that presided there.



I am always open to breeding my pokemon. Just ask and I'll be willing to comply. Each pokemon's availability is normally mentioned near the bottom of the written portion of the apps. However, I might not keep up with updating it every time I breed, so it's usually a good idea to get into contact with me first. I like splitting clutches, both parties contribute, so I feel both should reap the rewards.

Clutches to Draw:
Planned Clutches:



Open Clutches:
Mini Clutch Dump -
Throh, Beldum, Poochyena
Beautimus x Skylar Clutch ||Open|| - Machop, Scyther
Clutch with Le Cheru~ || OPEN || - Deino x2
Clutchy Clutch With LovelessKitsune - Scatterbug



:bulletpurple: Metroid-like pokemon- Maybe Solosis cross?
:bulletpurple: Blitzle and Litleo fusions
:bulletpurple: Other pokemon that would fall under the 'Savanna' theme- Girafarig, Hippopotas and others? 



:bulletred: Gals :bulletred:
Iron Maiden

:bulletblue: Guys :bulletblue:

This is relevant to PKMNation members only. If you're interested, take a look at PKMNation! It's closed to new members at the moment, but they do open periodically.
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WCS- Round 1: Cheshire-dragon by cheshire-dragon
WCS- Round 1: Cheshire-dragon

Reese used Feather Dance.... and then Incinerate to ignite the feathers in celebration of Pkmnation's birthday!

Reese gained 9 levels!-full body x3 simple bg x3

.... UGH. Today hasn't been a good day for me and technology. My tablet didn't want to work at all, so all of this had to be done via laptop track pad.

I had such high hopes for this piece, but my tablet prevented me from making this as awesome as I had wanted... I had envisioned the feathers lighting candles on a cake, but yet again... tablet.

But, at least I got something done. It's not super awesome, but it's something.
Ghazali the Graceless Golem ||PT|| by cheshire-dragon
Ghazali the Graceless Golem ||PT||

Name: Ghazali Argile

Tribal Name: Graceless Golem

Age: 40

Birthing Season: Winter

Gender: Male

Height: 7'10"

Job: Deputy

Pokemon: Golurk :icongolurkplz:

Nature: Relaxed
Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn

Ability: Iron Fist

Level: 50

:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Punch
:iconfightingtypeplz: Power-Up Punch
:iconflyingtypeplz: Fly
:iconsteeltypeplz: Iron Defense

Weapon: Overly large, heavy gauntlets.

Personality: Relaxed. Clumsy. Hard to Anger. Caring. Strict. Stubborn. His Way or No Way. Loyal. Religous.

Ghazali is a naturally caring man. He will spend most of his day walking about the tribe and making sure that everyone is doing alright. He likes to think of the tribe as a nicely tightened bow. He has to keep the string nice and tight or else it won't work. He can be a tad strict about how he wants things done. He likes to ensure that things go the way he prefers. However, even if things don't quite go as he hopes, as long as the task gets done he'll be happy. He might be a little irritated that it wasn't done his way, but at least it got done. When it comes to instructions, he has a tendancy to talk someone's ear off. He'll also go into lectures if something is done wrong, be it by not following instrucions, or doing something morally wrong. If he catches any sort of wrong-doing, you'd best be ready for good, long scolding. Even though you'll be in store for a tounge-lashing, they aren't normally done out of anger. Even though he likes to let his tongue do the punishing, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. If he can't get through to someone with words, he'll try with his fists. He can seem emotionless at times, but he truly does care for people's wellfare. He is very trustworthy and will easily follow the direction of his superiors.

:bulletblue: Lecturing.
:bulletgreen: Working with clay to create small figures.
:bulletblue: Helping the guards with their rounds.
:bulletgreen: Flying to high places.
:bulletblue: Protecting Eon.
:bulletgreen: Helping Shamans and Priests/esses with their duties. He likes to feel close to the Gods.

:bulletblue: Fears the strap being removed from his chest. It causes his powers to go beserk. He may fly around wildly until he is either knocked out or has no energy left. Either way, it will leave him drained for the next day or so.
:bulletgreen: He is very clumsy. He can often be seen tripping over his own feet, dropping things, bumping into people and objects and quite often breaking stuff due to his large size.
:bulletblue: Fears pain and death as he hadn't felt pain in years.
:bulletgreen: Afraid of cat-like pokemon.
:bulletblue: Even though he likes to talk, he isn't really good at communicating well with others. It may be hard for him to make close friends.
:bulletgreen: He can be a bit too trusting of others. It may take him some time to realize that someone is betraying him or taking advantage of his trust.

A long time ago, when the legendary being of time pushed war upon the land of Eterna, Argile brought the Eon warriors up to meet it's agression. He had been a guard for many years, but when the terrible time sovereign declared war against the other tribes, every able hand was needed to face against the Origin army. Seeing the dire situation they were in, he stood up with a few other men to rally the troops, helping them prepare mentally and physically for the incoming battle.

Leading the warriors and anyone who had skill in combat, he and the other commanders knew what had to be done. They were to face the Origin army head on with the other tribes to allow their leaders the chance to face the evil time lord. The battle raged for an entire day and stretched on into the night with so many able warriors loosing their lives. Argile fought to the best of his ability while trying to keep morale up as the sun began to set. He kept fighting as long as his body would allow, though as he tired, he started to become far more clumsy. He would leave openings for the enemy to sneak attacks in on him, which ultimately lead to his demise. A certain Cacturne kept Argile on his toes, striking at him when he least expected it and watching him closely for any openings. The crazed woman wouldn't relent, keeping the pressure on him during the entire battle. As he was getting sloppy, she took the advantage, starting to pound on him with everything she had. Suddenly, a fellow Eonian was in trouble, another one of Origin's horrifying fighters were on their back. He had to help them! Turning his back on the Cactrune at an opportunity he believed was safe, he rushed to their aide.

It was a very unlucky Needle Arm that brought the giant to his knees before he could even reach the other warrior. How dare she strike him as his back was turned, intending to help another... The time lord's terrible grip on them was strong, making them relentlessly bloodthirsty. His adversary stood over him with the most wicked smile upon her face, reveling in his dying breath. She had gotten the finishing blow and she was going to rub it in the clumsy giant's face.

Her terrible face was the last thing he saw before he woke up. He was in his home, perfectly fine. Shocked and thrown off, he rushed outside, terrified to know what he would see. Expecting burning huts and total destruction, what he got was... completely normal. What?! What on earth was going on?!? He was panicking, had he really died? Was the war real? Before long, he was approached by an odd figure of pure light. It seemed to be a woman, but the light it gave off was so blinding it was hard to make out. "Do not fear, dear Argile... You are dead... The war is still raging in the land, but not for long." It lifted it's hand and opened a rift in the illusion created by the Golurk's mind. He could see the land, all the blood and sweat and even the wicked time lord itself. It was cornered by the three leaders of Tao, Eon and Lunar. It was very obvious that the war was nearing it's end. "If I am dead... Where...?" The figure rose a finger to his lips. "Hush, my child. I have brought you here to watch over your people. Learn from them as they change and evolve." Confused, he turned to ask why, but the figure was already gone. It seemed this was his purpose now, but how could he just watch? How could he stand here and watch his people as they struggled?! He was angry, resenting the woman who ended his life and hating the fact that he could not protect his tribe in any way.

He stayed there, wherever there was, for many centuries, watching the Eternian people as they grew. In the long years of solitude he served in his own little bubble of afterlife, he came to terms with his own passing and saw how the tribes worked together. It was so completely different than his own time where distrust ran deep in the people's veins. He learned from watching, seeing the tribes overcome obstacle after obstacle by working together. There was a large web weaved of trust between them that was very important to their survival. He learned how imperative it was for the four tribes to trust one another, despite their rocky past.

Now, he watched as doom was looming over them, making some core twines snap under the pressure the new outsiders pressed upon them as they brought the outside war with them. He was very concerned for the land of Eterna and began to pace about his memory of the tribe. He spent quite a few long days... or what he thought were days, pacing and worrying about his people. How were they going to overcome this? The odds seemed heavily stacked against them. After what seemed like months, he was ready to scream. He wanted to help. He had to help them sow the seeds of trust in the individuals who were loosing their sense of it.

If this lasted much longer he surely was going to go crazy! Thankfully, the apparition approached him again in all it's splendor and light. When it touched him, he felt a calm wash over him. "Argile... You must go to them." It's voice was soothing yet assertive as it spoke to him. "Wha- But... How?" It seemed to smile, moving ever closer to him. "You must go and show them what you have learned here. It is their only hope." Before he could speak again, the form of light kissed him gently upon the forehead, causing his world to spin around him. He became overly dizzy as everything spun, making him feel lightheaded. He didn't stay conscious for long, the view of his home and the figure, seeming to send him off, fading gently to black.

He awoke to a sharp, debilitating pain in his side and left arm. Wait- He couldn't feel his hand... The pain made his head fuzzy. He feared to open his eyes. He hadn't felt pain in so long, it was terrifying him. What was going on? Where was he? His breath was quickening as he began to panic, even though it hurt to breathe. "Hello?! Hey... Are you okay?" Hearing someone speak, he nearly jumped out of his skin, making him grunt in pain. It took him a bit to build up the courage to open his eyes. Opening his lids slowly, he squinted at the light that made him blink. When his vision cleared, he saw the face of a young Swoobat kneeling next to him. "Nn- Where...?" "Ah, It's alright. I'm going to get you back to the tribe... Don't try to move, I'll get you patched up." When he heard her mention she was going to get him patched up, he happened to look down. His bare chest was bloodied with a slash across it and a large gash in his left side. However, that wasn't the only thing that hurt. His eyes wandered to the arm that was seething in pain. Terror overtook him as he saw why he couldn't feel his hand... Causing him to scream out in horror. He didn't quite remember getting the injuries and it was quite a shock to him to suddenly have them after being dead for so long. He ended up passing out to the sound of the Swoobat's voice trying to calm and reassure him.

When he woke again, he was in a strange, large, decorative hut, laid gently on a bed. He was still in pain, but it was much less than it had been before. Too scared to look down at himself, his gaze wandered around the hut until he found the same Swoobat from before. "Ah, you're awake. How are you feeling?" She seemed caring and trusting, just as he had seen from his afterlife bubble. He spoke with whom he learned to be the Leader of Eon for quite some time. He told her what he could remember of his life before he died, which was quite little. He truly only remembered that he was an Eon guard and that he died in the great battle against Origin. It made him realize that his injuries came from then, but how? He tried not to think about it. He spoke to Sakurai about his afterlife, how he was ordered to watch over the tribes by a figure of light and of the current situation he found himself in. He seemed to go on and on until what had happened today.

Sakurai listened quietly, thinking over all the things he had told her about himself. Could she really trust him? He was injured, but his story seemed so far fetched. She decided to let him stay in Eon until he was healed. She didn't know what she was going to do once he was better, but that would be quite some time. For now, she needed to tend to his wounds and make sure his arm healed as best it could. It was by far the worst of his wounds.

Argile stayed with her in her hut for the next month or so, working hard to help any tribesmen that may have needed it, even when he was still wounded. He was very stubborn and wouldn't stay still for long after she would order him to do so. It was almost uncanny how determined he was to help the tribe, even though he had never lived there before. Maybe he really was sent by the gods to help them? When he was mostly back to full health, it was time for Sakurai to decide what to do with him. If he hadn't spent most of his free time aiding the tribe any way he could, despite a few clumsy mess ups, she would have sent him on his way. However, he had long proved his loyalty to the tribe, at least from what she could see. With the passing of their previous deputy, she knew they needed someone to take the position. She couldn't always be here at the tribe making sure everyone was doing alright.

One night when Argile returned from his rounds about the tribe, Sakurai stopped him. "...Ghazali... You've shown me a lot in the short time that you've been here. I can tell that you really do care about us and the welfare of the tribe... I would like... to offer you the job of Deputy for our good tribe. You've spent almost every day that you've been here tending to my people, even when you were hardly fit to move. I believe you've earned the trust of me and everyone here in Eon... and I would like to call you my Deputy." Taken by surprise, he wasn't sure what to say at first. He truly had never considered being a Deputy, especially since he had only been a Guard in his 'past life'. Even though he was nervous about the jump from Guard to Deputy, he accepted and to this day has done his best to make Sakurai proud.

:bulletblue: Lost his arm in the ancient war.
:bulletgreen: Loses control of the energy inside of him when the strap over his chest is removed.
:bulletblue: Chose the name Ghazali after being brought back to life and living in Eon. He was known as Argile during the war.
:bulletgreen: Has a scar across his right eye and keeps it covered.

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