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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I have a Tumblr! Go check it out~>

I'll post works in progress there and other random stuff~


Hiya! I'm Cheshire-Dragon~

I like all sorts of things, including Pokemon, Dragonball, animals... |D;

I hope to become a comic book artist in the future and am looking forward to taking classes at SCAD to get there.

I play all sorts of video games and own a Wii, 3DS, 360, and plenty of older Nintendo systems. I'd love to have you as a friend on any of those, just make sure you tell me who you are, first!

Note me if you want my 360 gamertag, but I'll post my Nintendo FCs here~ It might be a good idea to note me if you added me, so I can add you too! ^^

:bulletpink:3DS Friend Code: 1719-3205-9251
:bulletpurple:Wii Number: 1390-7239-7998-0791
:bulletpink:Pokemon White: 2880-9672-9803
:bulletpurple:Pokemon White 2: 4127-4444-0154
I'm always willing to battle~ Just send me a note! ^^ **I have no competitive teams on Wht 2, and have half trained in Wht.**
:bulletpink:Animal Crossing City Folk: 5372-3949-1234





The Wylde Fire Pokemon Preserve welcomes you!

As you enter the preserve, a young woman with light brown hair and red, rectangular spectacles greets you. "Hello, welcome to the Preserve." She seemed a little awkward and maybe a little shy, though her voice was soft and cordial. Approaching you, she smiles and leads you on a tour of the preserve, taking you to the Everblaze Badlands last so more time could be spent there. It was obvious that she oversaw this portion of the preserve as she seemed much more excited and knowledgeable of the pokemon that presided there.



I am always open to breeding my pokemon. Just ask and I'll be willing to comply. Each pokemon's availability is normally mentioned near the bottom of the written portion of the apps. However, I might not keep up with updating it every time I breed, so it's usually a good idea to get into contact with me first. I like splitting clutches, both parties contribute, so I feel both should reap the rewards.

Clutches to Draw:
Damian x Delphi
Planned Clutches:



Open Clutches:
Mini Clutch Dump -
Throh, Beldum, Poochyena
Beautimus x Skylar Clutch ||Open|| - Machop, Scyther
Clutch with Le Cheru~ || OPEN || - Deino x2
Clutchy Clutch With LovelessKitsune - Scatterbug



:bulletpurple: Metroid-like pokemon- Maybe Solosis cross?
:bulletpurple: Blitzle and Litleo fusions
:bulletpurple: Other pokemon that would fall under the 'Savanna' theme- Girafarig, Hippopotas and others? 
:bulletpurple: Machop/Murkrow cross to rival Damien!



:bulletred: Gals :bulletred:
Iron Maiden

:bulletblue: Guys :bulletblue:

This is relevant to PKMNation members only. If you're interested, take a look at PKMNation! It's closed to new members at the moment, but they do open periodically.
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Uncontrollable by cheshire-dragon
When everything comes crashing down,
The smallest instance pushes upon the crumbling wall.
Anything can trigger it,
Anything can call,
Anything will make the entire world fall.
--Poketribal-- Scar Meme: Ghazali by cheshire-dragon
--Poketribal-- Scar Meme: Ghazali

Next up: The Scar meme! Featuring Ghazali the Graceless Golem!

Here we can see all of his scars, and his body structure. This was, like most the other memes I've been doing... very fun! It was neat to draw Ghaza as an amputee as he really is. It was certainly an adventure drawing him~ 

And... Yay Muscles~ CX<

Though.... It would technically be impossible to see him exactly like this. |D; He'd have lost control of the energy inside of him without the patch across his chest. But that's what Memes are for~♪

Ghazali and art belongs to cheshire-dragon
--Poketribal-- Spectrum Meme by cheshire-dragon
--Poketribal-- Spectrum Meme

So~ Here we have the Spectrum Meme, featuring:

Ghazali the Graceless Golem from Eon

Gustavius the Devoted Shield from Eon

"Torch Wind" Satobi Juuloo from Eon

Contra the Red Missile from Gin

K0928 the Meat Slab from Gin

Ehan the Crafting Hands from Tao

Anikee from Tao


N6109 the "Snaggle Fish" from Lunar

I think everything is pretty self explanatory other than the 'Sanity' section. Since none of my characters are truly crazy, I thought of it as mental stability.

So, N6 is the least stable, with Andrew falling close behind her.... And everyone else falls into place behind them. |3 Ehan is the most normal. Woo~ Go Ehan! You're the most right in the head~♪ |D;;

It was actually pretty fun to do this. It made me think about my characters a bit. The most difficult parts were the intelligence, wits and friendliness. I had to figure out who was smarter/wittier/friendlier than whom... and with some characters it wasn't quite as obvious.

Also... I love how Ehan and Andrew are the same height. They are such shorties~ CX

All characters belong to cheshire-dragon


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