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I have a Tumblr! Go check it out~>

I'll post works in progress there and other random stuff~


Hiya! I'm Cheshire-Dragon~

I like all sorts of things, including Pokemon, Dragonball, animals... |D;

I hope to become a comic book artist in the future and am looking forward to taking classes at SCAD to get there.

I play all sorts of video games and own a Wii, 3DS, 360, and plenty of older Nintendo systems. I'd love to have you as a friend on any of those, just make sure you tell me who you are, first!

Note me if you want my 360 gamertag, but I'll post my Nintendo FCs here~ It might be a good idea to note me if you added me, so I can add you too! ^^

:bulletpink:3DS Friend Code: 1719-3205-9251
:bulletpurple:Wii Number: 1390-7239-7998-0791
:bulletpink:Pokemon White: 2880-9672-9803
:bulletpurple:Pokemon White 2: 4127-4444-0154
I'm always willing to battle~ Just send me a note! ^^ **I have no competitive teams on Wht 2, and have half trained in Wht.**
:bulletpink:Animal Crossing City Folk: 5372-3949-1234





The Wylde Fire Pokemon Preserve welcomes you!

As you enter the preserve, a young woman with light brown hair and red, rectangular spectacles greets you. "Hello, welcome to the Preserve." She seemed a little awkward and maybe a little shy, though her voice was soft and cordial. Approaching you, she smiles and leads you on a tour of the preserve, taking you to the Everblaze Badlands last so more time could be spent there. It was obvious that she oversaw this portion of the preserve as she seemed much more excited and knowledgeable of the pokemon that presided there.



I am always open to breeding my pokemon. Just ask and I'll be willing to comply. Each pokemon's availability is normally mentioned near the bottom of the written portion of the apps. However, I might not keep up with updating it every time I breed, so it's usually a good idea to get into contact with me first. I like splitting clutches, both parties contribute, so I feel both should reap the rewards.

Clutches to Draw:
Damian x Delphi
Planned Clutches:



Open Clutches:
Mini Clutch Dump -
Throh, Beldum, Poochyena
Beautimus x Skylar Clutch ||Open|| - Machop, Scyther
Clutch with Le Cheru~ || OPEN || - Deino x2
Clutchy Clutch With LovelessKitsune - Scatterbug



:bulletpurple: Metroid-like pokemon- Maybe Solosis cross?
:bulletpurple: Blitzle and Litleo fusions
:bulletpurple: Other pokemon that would fall under the 'Savanna' theme- Girafarig, Hippopotas and others? 
:bulletpurple: Machop/Murkrow cross to rival Damien!



:bulletred: Gals :bulletred:
Iron Maiden

:bulletblue: Guys :bulletblue:

This is relevant to PKMNation members only. If you're interested, take a look at PKMNation! It's closed to new members at the moment, but they do open periodically.
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--Poketribal-- Weapon Meme: Gus by cheshire-dragon
--Poketribal-- Weapon Meme: Gus

Gus's weapon of choice is the M4 Carbine Assault Rifle, clad in his combat uniform from the Unova Army.

More fun memes~ Though... there's too many pockets. Just... too many.

Gus and art belong to cheshire-dragon
--Poketribal-- Shadow Meme: Gus by cheshire-dragon
--Poketribal-- Shadow Meme: Gus

Gus's emotions rose to a fever pitch! He entered Hyper Mode!

As his heart is closed off to all the world, Gus becomes far more savage. He uses his army training to excel at hand-to-hand combat, though his style is far more straightforward and rushdown-esque. He won't feel any remorse to rip out your throat with his bare claws and fangs.

I had fun with this meme~ Especially since I adore the games where Shadow Pokemon originated from. C:

Gus and art belong to cheshire-dragon.
::Tohaku Region:: Pascal Hoarde Application by cheshire-dragon
::Tohaku Region:: Pascal Hoarde Application

Pascal Hoarde
Nicknames: N/A
Species: Spiritomb, specifically the Keystone that holds Spiritomb.
Age: Seems 52... ish... But he's actually 620 years old. He doesn't remember much past the last 100 years, however.
Birthday: Doesn't remember, but has chosen December 20th.

Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Alert to Sounds

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 110 lbs

Gender: Male
Sex: Male

Relationship Status: Mentally unavailable
Sexuality: Straight
Job: N/A, Local Hobo

Level: 59
Ability: Pressure- When this Pokémon is hit by a move, the opponent’s PP lowers by 2 rather than 1. The opponent feels a little more tired that usual when using a move and is less likely to use it as much as they normally could.

:iconpsychictypeplz: Calm Mind

:iconnormaltypeplz: Pain Split

:icondarktypeplz: Dark Pulse

:iconrocktypeplz: Rock Tomb

Socially Awkward || Irrational || Ascetic || Timid || Brash || Impressionable || Energetic || Absentminded || Aimless || Gullible || Neurotic ||

The man seen today pales in comparison to who he had been. Due to having 107 other spirits sealed inside of him, he is mentally unstable. On 'normal' days, he's quirky and random. He can sometimes be seen talking to 'himself', but with the training of Master Tyltanus, he has gotten better at dealing with the spirits. He'll try to be as normal as possible around people, but he's often seen being utterly random and strange. However, he almost always acts normal around people he cares about, aside from being overly timid. He'll try his best not to rouse the evil spirits, so he is often soft spoken and skittish when acting 'normal'. He'll immediately try to leave someone's side if he fears that the spirits will take action. He tends to be more impressionable and easily swayed by the opinions of others. He doesn't care much for material items and may often be seen sleeping on a portable cot he carries around with him, even though he has a home to return to. However, he does try to stay close to home, so he doesn't worry his roommate.

Due to his lover sacrificing herself, his soul split into two parts. The primary one that is seen walking about is all of Pascal's 'good' qualities, while another 'spirit' inside of him is all of his bad qualities. Without his love's protection, he would have lost himself in all the spirits, though that had partially happened anyway. Pascal is no where near the man he once was due to fear of the spirits and the many other voices that often murmur in his head. Years of living with this has warped his personality terribly.

If a spirit manages to take control of Pascal's body, or appear from his chest, it is usually one of the following. These spirits are the strongest, are the loudest in his head and are the ones that collectively form the Spritomb's body:
♦- Sebastion Leonart (Serperior) -♦
He is vain and strives for perfection. Everything must be and look perfect or else he may get a little... violent. He dislikes Pascal for his lack of fashion sense and underweight body. However, he will still take control despite these things. Freedom is better than being too skinny. He does enjoy violence and will try to be as much of a douche as possible to achieve it. Though, he doesn't really have to try, as he feels he's better than everyone. If someone tries to tell him he is wrong, he will get defensive and possibly quite angry, sometimes even 'resolving' the issue with a good slap of the tail (That is, if he still had a tail to smack people with.). If he had a good quality, it would be that he treats women well. However, he will always be more good looking in his eyes. Even though he loves violence, he refuses to hit a woman, no matter how angry he gets with them.

♦-Baxtor Stanfield (Nidoking)-♦
Baxtor is a brute. Being large and quite strong he likes to throw his weight around, knowing not many people can handle a bulky Nidoking. He's proud of his strength and loves to push weaker people around, especially Pascal. He will often bully Pascal, speaking to him like he's an idiot and making fun of him. He always acts big and tough, and won't take no for an answer. He isn't afraid to hurt ladies or Pascal to get what he wants. He can sometimes threaten Pascal into doing things, however his strength is rather new and Pascal doesn't give in often.

♦-Selena Atwood (???)-♦
She is a very cold and malicious woman. However, her ways of torturing Pascal are more geared towards his emotions. She'll happily toy with them to make him miserable, reminding him of everything he's done wrong. She's overly envious of Cyrna and would do almost anything to hurt her. She's manipulative and will go to many extremes to get what she wants. If Pascal is around Cyrna, she'll try her hardest to break free. In an odd way, she's very possessive of Pascal. If she were a real woman, she'd often be loving up on him to make him feel uncomfortable. However, there may be a hidden reason for why she feels the way she does towards him.

♦-Alastair Mckale (Hypno)-♦
Alastair is wicked. He loves to torture Pascal with nightmares and enjoys seeing him in pain. He is the strongest and oldest spirit, having been the first to be 'formed'. Though he likes to see Pascal suffer, he isn't demeaning towards him. He is possessive over Pascal and will scold and punish the other spirits if they harm or bully Pascal when he wants to be the one torturing him. He often acts like the big, relentless mob boss of the spirits, as he is stronger than the others. He will easily push the other spirits around to get his way. Alastair has an odd affliction towards Cyrna and may protect her from the wrath of the other spirits if he feels like it. He has told her that she reminds him of someone Pascal does not remember. He knows more about Pascal's past than Pascal does. He remembers specific things such as the severe pain of becoming a living keystone and certain painful memories of his life before the ritual.

There is legend of two star crossed lovers that were believed to be fated for an eternity of despair and solitude. A young Hypno knight had fallen for a most beautiful princess, of course this is a legend, and all young men fall for the princess in legends… The princess was as beautiful as any rose and shone like the moon... granted, she was a moon! The young woman was a magnificent Lunatone who had met her knight in shining armor one night as she snuck from the castle walls. The two fell in love and began to see each other, often at night. However, their mateship was not meant to be. As their love flourished, a member of the royal guard sent an assassin after her, so power could be gained within the royal family. The Hypno tried his best to protect her, but alas, it was not to be. The princess was dying.

The Hypno was confronted by a mysterious man who seemed to be a priest carrying a long staff that seemed to aid his walking. He approached the other man, a soft white hood covering his face, and spoke. “I can help you good sir… I can help her… Come with me and I can give you the power you need to save her.” His voice was soft, calm and maybe a little soothing. However, his intent was not that of a saint. He planned to deceive the poor grieving Hypno, to pull him into the darkness that covered his eyes from view.

Naive and heartbroken, the lover agreed to follow the man, unknowing of the terrible events that were about to befall him. When they had walked out of the city walls and into a secluded wood, the knight began to question the ‘priests’ motives. However, his paranoia did not seep in soon enough, the man turning to the Hypno and paralyzing him with a sudden Thunder Wave. He revealed himself as a wicked Liepard, grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

As the Hypno froze in horror from the attacks’ effects, it began. Relinquishing a ceremonial knife from his robes, the man commenced with a heinous ritual to turn the Hypno into what came to be known as a Keystone. The priest wanted to to take all the strongest malevolent spirits he could find and trap them in the other man’s body. Taking the knife, he started an incision down the Hypno’s breast, making him scream in horror and pain. This wasn’t what he wanted! He was overwhelmed with dread and agony, making his mind race along with his heart. He had to find a way out! After a moment or so, he couldn’t take the pain, using a sudden burst of psychic energy to push the man and everything around him back. The man was left unscathed, but was taken back enough to give the Hypno time to run!

He was dizzy from the pain, blood rushing from the slice on his chest, but it didn’t stop him. He had to get away! Running as fast as he could with the numb feeling of paralysis coaxing at his limbs, he lost the priest in the thickening forest, even though he couldn’t move as nimbly as usual. When the Hypno’s steps began to stagger almost uncontrollably, he stopped. Someone was now standing before him. She was draped in a soft yellow gown that flowed far past her feet.

It was her! His love! She was alive!

At least he thought she was alive, however he was delusional from the terrors that had just transpired and coupled with his blood loss, he was only seeing what he wanted to see. Taking a step forward, she smiled at the Hypno, giving off a bright, almost divine light. He was totally entranced by her form, smiling as she reached out to him. He forgot all of his pain and misery for just a moment as their hands nearly touched.

Suddenly, a sharp, searing pain in his chest pulled him from the hallucination he had been experiencing. The Liepard had caught up and had stabbed him in the chest, dangerously close to the heart, with the tip of his staff. There had been a Dusk stone shard adorning it’s peak, which was now punctured deep into his chest. Petrified by the shock of his injury, he froze in place, though ended up being pushed onto his back.

“Now… Be still!” the man roared, his knife ready in his free hand to continue the procedure he had started. Working quickly, he knew he didn’t have much time to preserve the body before it shut down. He continued his incisions, creating a horrid, upside down ‘Y’ upon the Hypno’s chest. Continuing with a demonic chant, it was as if he were summoning demons, long dark tendrils extending from the earth around the Hypno, beginning to grasp at him. Terrified but too exhausted from anguish to move, he only stared at the dark ‘beings’ that clawed at him with thin, icy fingers.

He began to scream as they used him to pull themselves from the ground, one particularly sinister shade reaching for the cut upon his torso. To the man’s complete and utter terror, it seemed to jolt towards it and disappear beneath the blood and flesh! The others followed suit, one after another, the stream of evil seemed endless as they found their way inside of him. He struggled, but the bastard Liepard held him fast with the staff.

When he began to pray for it all to end, one final being rose from the depths. It seemed slightly different, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to be left alone, though he soon realized that this would never be his reality any longer. As the spirits had entered into his being, his mind became busier and busier, gaining more and more voices, 107 of them to be exact. This last spirit was very strange, it’s touch gentle as it arose to the Hypno’s chest. He had forced himself to look away, unable to watch the terrible event that he had been coaxed into accepting. It was a wonder he was still conscious, but he knew this was quickly becoming a temporary state of mind. The final spirit, unbegrudgingly to the Liepard, reached up to the man’s lips and pressed them lightly in an oddly comforting way before slipping into the blood that had started to pool on his chest.

Almost stunned by the action, he would have spent time pondering why it would do such a thing, but his eyelids grew heavy. Slipping into darkness, the Hypno could only hear the sharp, chortle from the evil man who had forced the spirits unto him. He had succeeded! Beginning the process of sewing the new Keystone up, he was very proud of his endeavors. However, this pride was short lived. As soon as the final stitch was tugged tight, a dark, purple aura surrounded the Hypno. He was no longer the psychic dream eating pokemon, but now a new, deadlier one. He had been forcefully transformed into the vessel of many; he was now a terrifying Spiritomb.

Lifting up off of his back, the newly born Spiritomb snapped the staff and spun it around, forcing it into the chest of it’s ‘creator’. ‘HoW dArE yOu! HoW dArE yOu TrAp Us HeRe!’ It roared, moving to clutch the Liepard’s throat in it’s palm as it stood, lifting the man above it’s head. All the spirits, save one, were furious, taking out their vengeance on the man. Even though they were free from whatever hell they had surfaced from, they were now forced to live their lives in the body of one man. He was rather quickly dead, the Spiritomb dropping the body once it noticed there was no longer a pulse.

With a wicked grin spreading across it’s face, it glanced at the hands it now had control of, stretching and clenching the fingers into a fist a few times. Many of the spirits didn’t know how long it had been since they felt the sensation of owning a body. Though there were over 100 spirits that needed to share one body, many of them seemed to come to the realization that this would be better than rotting in the afterlife. Maybe they could get used to this? Sauntering off, the Spiritomb wasn’t entirely sure what to do with itself as each spirit had it’s own agenda, but it headed towards the town that was nearby. Unluckily for it, it’s new body was a mortal one, passing out from loss of blood and fatigue long before it reached the town’s borders.

When the Hypno came to, it was almost as if all the events that had transpired before he blacked out were just a dream. A very horrible, terrible night terror that could only have been such, or so he hoped. Sadly, to his dismay, his own body threw any hopes of the happenings being an illusion out of the window. Someone had found the man and took him to a hospital cottage where he had awoken. Utterly confused and delirious, he freaked when he felt the sutures that held the skin on his chest together. It hadn’t been a dream, no matter how much he wished, everything had actually happened to him. The spirits laughed darkly in his mind…. but something was slightly odd. He was… himself… at least, partially. Something had protected him and kept the spirits at bay. However this ‘guardian’ couldn’t keep him entirely safe from the evil that now writhed in his being. They were still able to overpower him at their leisure, but he still was able to keep his consciousness when the spirits were ‘at rest’.

Unbeknownst to the Hypno, his lover had been the final, one hundred and eighth spirit to complete the ritual and turn him into a Keystone. She had given herself to keep his soul safe from the darkness that would have otherwise torn it asunder. She was the reason he was still able to keep his body, even if only temporarily. She took the corruption from the evil forced upon him to save his soul, becoming the last evil spirit. Of course, this transformation would take many years of defending his being from the spirits’ onslaught.

This event changed the Keystone’s life drastically from then on. He dealt with dark whisperings in his head at all times, which weren’t always just whispers. A spirit could take hold of his body at almost any moment with little warning, making the man exceptionally paranoid. Every waking moment of every day were riddled with terror and a creeping dread of losing himself to the spirits.

In the first few years, he was somewhat sane, keeping to his usual personality rather well, aside from the constant fear brought on by each sound or sudden movement. Anything could trigger a spirit’s vengeance, causing them to enrage and take control. He fought them as best he could, but they vastly outnumbered and overpowered him. If his will was strong enough to prevent one from pushing him aside, others would often jump on the opportunity to catch him while he was tired from the struggle.

His mental well being deteriorated as time went on. He would slowly begin to fall in this odd false sense of security by speaking with the spirits and ‘making friends’. He was slowly turned into the man that he is today, dealing with the constant pestering of the evils spirits.

The legend says that the evil within the man kept him alive for many years to come, keeping him from dying when sickness would overtake him. It was seen as a miracle or a work of evil, which often lead to the Keystone leaving any city before people started to act out towards him. Even if it was seen as a miracle, he didn’t want the extra attention, which he feared would end with murder via the spirits. He never stayed in one place as the years went on, fearing some sort of backlash from the peoples or that his spirits would do something terrible.

He continued to live for many long years, so many in fact that he lost count, if he even cared to count at all. He spent the time traveling the world until he came across a very devious Sableye. This fated meeting was a good 30 years ago, which once again changed the course of his life. The Sableye saw potential in the crazy man who he had come across. He somehow was able to tell that there was a dark blood lust deep within the Keystone.

He offered the stone sanctuary in a time when he had little to eat and no where to go. The two talked and the man who had taken on the name ‘Pascal’ decided to stay with the Sableye. He had helped him in his time of need and he felt he had to repay the man. He stayed with the man for many years, getting tainted by his hatred and lust for death and destruction.

Pascal had ‘let loose’, allowing himself to be swayed by the Sableye and the spirits within him. He followed the man, who had many plans of death upon the people around him, and helped him in his endeavors. This gained him a bounty upon his head, along with the evil Sableye man. However, their biggest plan had yet to unfold, holding off until the correct moment.

The plan took many years to put together, but finally, they were ready! They were going to attack one of the local boarding schools, murdering anyone they could find with twisted blood lust. The night of attack dawned, and both of the men besieged the school. Unbeknownst to the keystone, the Sableye man known as Karmah had attacked the school once before. This time it was for revenge, the plan being grander than the last! The man wanted to leave a very strong, lasting impression on the school that it would remember for years to come and this time, he brought friends. One other man also had been enlisted to help in the ordeal, a Dusknoir who only wanted to see his son suffer.

As the scheme unfolded, all seemed to be going well. The three men all had their own objectives and each did their job. That was until Pascal came across a fair, lovely pair of stone arms. Yes, just arms. They were magnificent! Taking the arm’s hand in his own, he raised it to his lips, kissing it in a gentle gesture of greeting. Totally charmed by the excellently crafted limbs, he seemed to forget what he had been sent to do in the first place. However, as one of the evil men who were terrorizing the school, he was soon attacked, making him remember, at least somewhat, what he was supposed to do.

Later on in the attack, which lasted a good few days, he met the young Lunatone, Cyrna, who owned the striking stone arms. He hadn’t seemed to realize that the arms had belonged to someone, and seemed a little upset by the news. However, the young woman showed Pascal no fear as he was sent into a little tizzy. She was quiet and calm around him, which took him by surprise. He had withstood many long years of disdain and fear towards him for how he looked and acted. Sadly, the spirits disapproved of their meeting and forced him to flee in fear of their backlash.

Throughout the rest of the raid, Pascal often found himself searching for the understanding Lunatone and another girl who seemed to show great concern for him. This disregard for his job caused the other two men to want to rid themselves of him. As the Keystone ignored his tasks, he was no longer of any use to the men. The Dusknoir quickly learned of the Lunatone and sought her out, causing a conflict between him and Pascal. Pascal did his best to protect the girl, but the fight only ended in the breaking of his nose, a loss of consciousness and the kidnapping of Cyrna.

When he came to with the Lunatone girl no where to be found, he sought out help, joining the students and teachers to take down the other two evil men who took the girl from him. Succeeding in his endeavor, he was happy to find that she was, along with a few other kidnapped students, alive! However, even though he had turned the tables on the other men, he was still considered a murderer. He was arrested, as were the other two men and waited in jail for the day of his trial.

Luckily for him, a very influential teacher had seen his change of heart and felt that Pascal wasn’t truly a malicious man. He managed to convince the jury to allow him freedom, but at the price of spending two long years training under the harshest Cobalion many had come to know. He was to undergo training by this man to learn to control himself and the spirits and was not to leave his company until he had done so.

The training atop Mount Silver was brutal, but he survived, learning quite a bit from the old Cobalion, Tyltanus. He’d fought through things he hadn’t believed he could do and gained more control over the evil that was sealed inside of him. Once the Cobalion felt he was ready, he was allowed to leave the mountain and return to the one girl who seemed to be his driving force.

Returning to the school he had once assailed, he worked to get his GED, as advised by the same teacher that had vouched for his integrity. He’d done all of this just for Cyrna. She had been the first one to show that she wasn’t afraid of him and truly worried for his well being. He had spent a long time without the empathy of the world around him. He spent another two years at the school with Cyrna.

During this time, he met another Spiritomb by the name of Remmy, who was quite intrigued by Pascal. He had never seen a living, breathing keystone before! The man used his powers to unlock the potential of the spirits living inside of Pascal, making them stronger than ever. As of now, the spirits could take hold of Pascal’s body completely. This gave Pascal new hurdles to cross, now having stronger, more vicious spirits inside of him. He spent another year after this event at the school with Cyrna, until the school closed down.

Unsure of what to do, he lived with Cyrna for some time, traveling wherever she did and enjoying her company. However, he had been growing soft and one night, a spirit broke free from his resolve and struck out at Cyrna. The spirit managed to hurt her before he could pull himself away and find a solitary place to regain control. The attack traumatized him, though Cyrna was just as sympathetic as usual. Pascal vowed to return to the Cobalion to once again undergo his training in hopes of becoming stronger. He knew he should have done this long ago after his encounter with Remmy, but a subconscious fear of losing Cyrna kept him near her.

Promising to return to her, he began a journey back to Mt. Silver to find the same Cobalion that had trained him years before. He spent 3 long years living with the curmudgeon, subjecting himself to the brutal training once more. He was determined to become a less volatile Keystone and learn to better suppress the spirits within.

After spending those years under the Cobalion, he once again set out to find Cyrna once he believed he was a stronger man. He traveled all across the land, first going by the city that he remembered living with her in, only to find new tenants in their old apartment. He spent an entire year searching for her, seeming to be on a wild goose chase. He has now decided to stop in the Tohaku Region, continuing his search in any place he could think of, starting with Daigakkou City.

:bulletpurple: As he isn't materialistic, he tends to keep the same clothes until they are ready to fall off of him.
:bulletpurple: He uses his ghostly powers to shroud his chest in darkness if he's wearing his cloak.
:bulletpurple: He is capable of becoming non-tangible and slightly transparent, but he cannot become completely invisible.
:bulletpurple: He tends to float more than he walks.
:bulletpurple: He has two wounds on his chest, a stitched up upside-down 'Y' and an odd indention of scar tissue near his heart.
:bulletpurple: There are two different ways that the spirits can fabricate themselves: Forcing themselves from the 'Y' on Pascal's chest as the Spiritomb itself, or take control of Pascals' body, changing his appearance slightly.
--When a spirit takes control of Pascal, a rigid aura of purple with green orbs consumes his body and forms any identifying features the spirit may have, such as ears, wings or tails. Pascal's facial features can also change, however it is very minor, such as eye color, gaining a jutting tooth or changing the shape of his nose. Only one feature is changed at a time and which one depends on the spirit. One would still be able to identify Pascal even if a spirit were controlling his body.--
:bulletpurple: He doesn't like to be touched and will shy away from it unless someone he cares about wants to touch him.
:bulletpurple: He can stitch himself up, as he usually must if the Spiritomb bursts from his chest.
:bulletpurple: The Keystone piece he owns was given to him by Tyltanus as a memento. The other half of the stone has been given to Cyrna. The stones are wound on Destiny Knot, which symbolizes their connection to one another.
:bulletpurple: He owns a cot and two rubber Ducklett, one blue and one pink. If he is seen sleeping on his cot outside, he usually sleeps with the Duckletts.
:bulletpurple: The dusk stone from the Liepard's staff is still lodged in his chest. It glows brightly when the Spiritomb shows itself or the spirits take hold of his body.
:bulletpurple: He doesn't eat much as the hunger pains tend to keep his mind off of the spirit's constant murmuring. As such, he's quite underweight.

Medical Notes:
:bulletgreen: He has severe peripheral nerve damage around his chest, causing his skin to tingle and be overly sensitive to touch. The sensation sometimes affects his upper left arm, closest to his shoulder.

:bulletgreen: As he is a host for spirits, they will not allow his body to die of natural causes. He can get sick, but he wouldn't die from the illness. He can still be stabbed or shot and killed that way.

:bulletgreen: He suffers from chronic insomnia (…), but that is partially due to how the spirits affect his sleep, more often than not giving him nightmares. 
PN: Payment Dump by cheshire-dragon
PN: Payment Dump

We've got two payments here~ |3

One for Cheru-Hime and the cutie Blitzel morph here~

And the other for Cattensu and the Rotom/Eevee cross here~

 Hakeem gained 15 levels! full body x2, simple bg x2, headshot x1, complex bg x1, shading x3


Blood on The Dance Floor gained 5 levels! full body, shading, simple bg
Itty gained 5 levels! full body, shading, simple bg
Timmy gained 5 levels! full body, shading, simple bg
Hope gained.... No levels... Cus... It's level 100 already... orz

Guess I gotta give you more levels Cheru. ^^; Hope was in your needing levels when I started this... ;3; Aaaaand I just checked her...

Welp. At least one payment is done. Hope yall like 'em~

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Jinx-The-Witch102 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the llama :la:
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Thanks for the llama~! :3
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Thanks for the fav Chesh
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