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1. Choose one of your OCs. 
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview". 
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish. 
5. Have fun!!!


Eon's Blazing Shaman,Torch

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Torch: "Satobi Juuloo... And... if you mean my tribal name... it's Torch Wind."

2. Interesting... what's your current age?

Torch: "I'm 20 seasons."

3. Uh-huh. What's your favorite food?

Torch: "Berries. I really like Chesto berries."

4. And your favorite drink?

Torch: "My mother's berry juice. She likes to blend a lot of berries together."

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?

Torch: "I'm a Shaman...." He glances away, happy that his mask hides his face. "I am not suppose to have such feelings."

6. Aww! Have you kissed yet?

Torch: "No! Such things are frowned upon for Shamans!"

7. Classic question! What's your favorite colour?

Torch: "Red... or orange. It is the color of the rising and the setting of the sun."

8. Who's your favorite author?

Torch: "...Author...? What is that...?"

9. Now what's your biggest fear?

Torch: "...Loosing the tribe... Seeing the destruction of the land... Seeing our land... become like the land of the outsiders..."

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing... *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Any siblings?

Torch: "No. I am the only child my mother and father had."

11. Almost done, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?

Torch: "Hm... My father. Even though he's no longer a shaman, I still look up to him. He taught me everything I know and If I need advice, I go to him."

12. Okay, who's your worst enemy?

Torch: "As a Shaman, it is my duty to love everyone as Lord Arceus does. It is not right for me to hate anyone. Though, I do not care for the foul attitude of Firey, but it is not my place to dislike him for who he is."

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?

Torch: ".... What? Umn... Talk? Father is very caring of the tribe and it's people."

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?

Torch: "I meet the gods every day in visions... Though that hasn't been happening a lot lately."

15. Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Torch: "... I'm happy being a Shaman. Though... I do wish father would have stayed the tribe shaman a bit longer so I could learn more from him... At times... I feel that I am not skilled enough..."

16. What's your worst nightmare?

Torch: "Catching the tribe on fire with my flames and embers... I already burnt down my parent's house once..."

17.What's your life-long dream?

Torch: "It isn't right for a shaman to have selfish 'dreams'... But... It would be very nice to be the best shaman Eon has ever seen...."

18.What would you do if your life-long dream came true?

Torch: "I... I'm not sure... I'm not even supposed to have a dream like that... But I would hope that I would do the best for my tribe..."

19. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?

Torch: "I like to make the trip up to Mt. Rumble's peak. It is quiet, warm and secluded. Not many tribes people make the journey there."

20. Last question! Where do you spend most of your time?

Torch: "I like to stay around the tribe... Though I tend to go to Oliver's garden to replenish my herbs... and... to visit. If I'm not there... I am out in the forest looking for herbs and berries of my own and speaking with the spirits."

21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want.

Nope~ Cus. I don't roll that way. |D
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Hiya! I'm Cheshire-Dragon~

I like all sorts of things, including Pokemon, Dragonball, animals... |D;

I hope to become a comic book artist in the future and am looking forward to taking classes at SCAD to get there.

I play all sorts of video games and own a Wii, 3DS, 360, and plenty of older Nintendo systems. I'd love to have you as a friend on any of those, just make sure you tell me who you are, first!

Note me if you want my 360 gamertag, but I'll post my Nintendo FCs here~ It might be a good idea to note me if you added me, so I can add you too! ^^

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